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Power Plants and CHP Plants
Power Plants and CHP Plants

  • Replacement of the 6 kV switchgear measurement bay in the “Energetyka” Business Unit. 
  • Maintenance, electrical works and repairs of lighting on all units on the premises of GA ZAK. 
  • Supply and laying of lines of 4 6V power cables as well as a 4 lines of 0.4 kV control cables
    at the switching station department of “Energetyka” BU.
  • Modernization of capped switching stations RS1, RS2, RS6, RS7 and RO1 at the Ammonia division and RS3 and ES4 Fertilizer Manufacturing Unit.
  • Replacement of the 6 kV switchgear measurement bay in the “Energetyka” BU. 


2013   Complete overhaul of boiler No. 5 - instrumentation and electrical works. 
  • Complete overhaul of boiler OPF-230 no. 4 at CHP No. 2.
  • Migration of Honeywell TDC 3000 system to Experion system for boiler No. 4 at EC.
  • Installation of instrumentation along with cable infrastructure for boilers 3, 4 and 5 part of the
    “ash collection from boilers at the CHP No. 2” project.
  • Modernization of the main power supply points at Tarnow plant, including erection of power
    supply infrastructure in order to improve the quality of energy distribution.
  • Complete overhaul of boiler TP 170 No. 3 in EC II - instrumentation works.
  • Repair and modernization works of the TG 2 turbine in CHP No. 2.
  • Modernization of the emission system on chimneys Nos. 1 and 2 in CHP No. 2.
  • Modernization of the instrumentation system connected with rebuilding and set up of the fourth stage steam collector

ENERGA Elektrownie Ostrołęka S.A. See more

Power plants in Ostrołęka

2011-2013   Migration of ash removal Control System in Power Plant B. 

PGE Elektrownia Bełchatów S.ASee more

Power plant in Bełchatów

2013   Execution of the project :"The installation of an organic acid dosage for Flue Gas
           Desulphurisation installation, blocks 2-12 at PGE SA Power Plant in the city of Bełchatów "
           (commissioned by RAFAKO SA)
  • CO hub modernization at the D3 heating plant (commissioned by Rafako S.A.)
  • Modernization of the heating system of emissions in blocks 8-12 "(completion of works is planned for 2015)
  • Execution of monitoring absorber at Flue Gas Desulphurisation.
  • Measurements of the blowdown tank.
  • Design, supply and installation of a gypsum storage monitoring system in the Energy Block 858 MW at PGE Bełchatów
2009-2011   Execution of comprehensive instrumentation works intended for Flue Gas
                    Desulphurization of the Energy Block 858 MW at PGE Bełchatów "(commissioned
                    by RAFAKO S.A) 
2010-2011   Design, supply and set-up of instrumentation equipment, intended for the
                    D3 Heat Plant (commissioned by RAFAKO S.A.) 

Lietuvos elektrinė See more

Power plant in Elektrėnai (Lithuania)

2011 Laying of cable at the newly built 450 MW block.

PGE S.A. Elektrociepłownia Katowice See more

CHP plant in Katowice

2011   Modernization of the digital control system at the SUW station (commissioned by Honeywell)
2010   Inspection and calibration of Bently Nevada TG measuring track on Turbogenerator and
           auxiliary machines. 

Vattenfall Heat Poland S.A. / PGNiG TERMIKASee more

2012   Execution and start-up of the 2nd stage of exhaust fume monitoring at Siekierki Power
           and Heating Plant.
2010   Power and heat plant in Siekierki: design, supply, assembly and start-up of gas monitoring
           system for Flue Gas Desulphurisation Installation sequence 1 and 2.
2009   Power and heat plant Pruszków:
           - modernization of measuring systems of CO and O2 content in the gas boilers exhaust 
           - installation of oxygen and CO analysers on water boilers K-12 and K-13 type WR-25

Energetyka Lubin See more

Energy company

2010   Modernization of air pollution measuring system in emissions in the CHP-2 in the
           town of Polkowice.
2007-2010   All year round service of the emission-monitoring system.