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Chemical industry
Chemical industry

formerly Zakłady Azotowe w Tarnowie–Mościcach S.A.

  • Modernization of Sulphuric Acid Production Installation. Implementation of stages 1 - 3, including: facility modernization, expansion of DCS system at the Sulphuric Acid Production Installation, electrical works and modernization of the distribution centre.
  • DCS control system upgrade at Cyclohexane Oxidation Installation. 
  • Replacement of Bently Nevada 3300 system with the Bently Nevada 3500 in the machine production hall.
  • Works connected with distillation of leftovers from the rectification of Cyclohexanone Palladium process.
  • Increase of production capacity of the neutralizing installation at the Fertilizer Production Plant. Stage 1- measurement and electrical works.
  • Modernization of the Control system and instrumentation at the 5th Methane Decomposition Installation - stage III.
  • Hydroxylamine Sulfate plant computerization: application of the digital control system (commissioned by PKCh) and electrical works.
  • Adaptation of the Caprolactam loading equipment to the requirements of the Transport Technical Supervision.
  • Ammonia compressor controller purchase for refrigeration unit No. 5.
  • Replacement of the computer control system at Plinke Concentrated Nitric Acid Plant (commissioned by PKCh).
  • Installation and start-up of the Bently Nevada 3500 system at the Nitric Acid Production Plant at the Fertilizer Production Plant.
  • Adaptation of the Trichloroethylene unloading hub at the unloading ramp and the liquid ammonia loading stations to the requirements of the Transport Technical Supervision. Measurement and instrumentation works.
  • Migration of the RS3 system to the Delta V level including integration of equipment at Ammonium Nitrite and Lactam Plants.
  • Installation and start-up of the instrumentation at the new Hydrogenation plant.
  • Modernization of the cargo gate No. 6. 
  • Measuring system modernization at the Catalyst Production Facility.
  • Instrumentation and electrical installation set-up at the Grupa Azoty S.A. for the built-in compressor unit at the refrigeration centre No. 6, as well as modernization of the power supply for the Hydrophore pump in the main building.
  • Repair of the gas fumes detection system and level measurement system at the Concentrated Nitric Acid, Oleum and Nitrozine Plant.
  • Installation of air-conditioning units in over 40 locations throughout  the Grupa Azoty S.A. facility (labs, plants, the main warehouse)
  • HVAC system installation in the chemical analysis and power sub-station building as part of the project „The new CO2 Installation”.
  • Replacement of the controller at the Polymerization Plant- production line B.
  • Replacement of secondary circuits in poles nr 4 and 8 in Świerczków switchboard 120kV, powering the CHP No.2 in Grupa Azoty S.A.
  • Adaptation of Cyclohexanol, Cyclohexane and Frakol reloading devices to the requirements
    of the Transport Technical Supervision- instrumentation works.
  • Instrumentation works during the maintenance shutdown of the 5th Methane Decomposition Plant.
  • Instrumentation works connected with the relocation of Nitric Acid control room. 
  • In Touch software actualization throughout the Grupa Azoty company.
  • Instrumentation adaptation of the 5th Methane Decomposition Installation for the newly-built Hydrogen Production Plant.
  • Replacement of a Siematic S5 controller with a S7-400 at the Nitric Acid production plant installation.
  • Implementation of the project entitled: “Management of the Beckmann rearrangement process using heat reaction in the Caprolactam Production” (incl. technical documentation and control system Delta V).
  • Computerization of the Ammonium Sulphate Installation including: design, delivery, assembly and start-up of the entire automation system.
  • Modernisation and increase in production capacity of the Caprolactam Production facility up to 101,3 tt/year – instrumentation works.
  • Modernisation of the Benfield Potassium washing hub the 5th Methane Decomposition Installation.
  • Instrumentation modernisation at the 5th Methane Decomposition Installation – Stage 3a.
  • Execution, monitoring and maintenance of the SCADA data collection system in cooperation with engineering and server stations (108 points). 
  • Intensification at the Tarnoform production line No. 4
  • Execution of the Polyamide Pneumatic Transport installation.
  • Protection of the Cyclohexane oxidation installation in the event of loss of water circulation
    – delivery and assembly of instrumentation equipment.
On regular basis 
  • Maintenance of the gas-detection systems on the premises of Grupa Azoty S.A. (over 140 points)
  • Services connected with the erection, repairs, malfunctioning detection, maintenance and preparation for verification of rail scales, truck scales, platform scales, conveyor belt scales
    and lab scales.

Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A. See more

formerly Zakłady Azotowe Kędzierzyn S.A.

  • Execution of automation works and electrical installations on the solvent unloading station.
  • Modernization of the security system of the HIMA C-1015 circulator in the Ammonia Synthesis Installation.
  • Modernization of fire protection wells at the OXO Alcohol Installation.
  • Modernization of the SIEMENS control cabinet controlling the GHH motor activation.
  • Incorporation of a Sulphuric Acid dosing hub in the MetsoDNA control system and ESDS HIMA safety system in the Ammonium Nitrate installation.
  • Execution of electrical works associated with the construction of the liquid Phthalic Anhydride  loading station. Also execution of electrical works connected with the "Construction of a hydrogen loading station” on the premises of GA ZAK.
  • Delivery, assembly and start-up of entire measurement systems for analysis of hydrogen and carbon dioxide at the Hydrogen and Synthesis gas Generation Unit installation.
  • Replacement of switchboards, boxes and control columns at the Fertilizer Production plant installations.
  • Design of DCS control system for nitric acid tapping and build-up and integration of inverters for pump loading with the DCS Metso  system as well as on Nitric Acid Installation No. 5.
  • Modernization of activation system of the synchronous motor of gas compressor K290 in B368/2, including: purchase, installation and start-up of the ETS 1800 system. Replacement of the power supply equipment.
  • Design, delivery, assembly and start-up of a sample-collection and analysis station for the 14 Propylene unloading stations in GA ZAK S.A. Also, start-up of YOKOGAWA GC 1000 Mark II chromatographs, monitoring using the XA800 ABB system and visualization and reporting in the PHD system.
  • Integration of the Nitro-chalk III installation with the DCS RX system (made by GE), including modernization of equipment (building of electro-pneumatic positioners, exchange of instrumentation from pneumatic to electronic) as well as project execution and expansion of the control room.
  • Execution of heating for the nitrate drainage pipes at Phthalic Anhydride  III plant and power surge and lighting protection in the Phthalic Anhydride distillation installation.
  • Delivery of the measurement system for loading rail tankers with liquid ammonia.
  • Modernization of the control and interlock of turbochargers for Phthalic Anhydride III installation.
  • Design, delivery, assembly and start-up of the MetsoDNA control system at the Nitric Acid Installation No. 4.
  • Delivery of systems for sample preparation for the YOKOGAWA GC 1000 Mark II chromatograph and sulphur analyser for measuring the composition of propylene. 
  • Delivery, assembly and start-up of the Honeywell ESD system for the OXO Alcohol Installation.
  • Works connected with the implementation of the Metso DNA system on the Nitric Acid No.5 and Ammonium Nitrate Installations.
  • Connection of power supply and electric controlling of CENTAC 3 turbocharger for the Hydrogen and Synthesis gas Generation Unit installation. 
  • Delivery, erection and start-up of a sample-collection and maintenance system for the YOKOGAWA GC 1000 Mark II at the Ammonia Installation.
On regular basis
  • Repairs, technical inspections and maintenance of electric engines at the production facilities of GA ZAK S.A.
  • Measurements of electric shock protection, grounding and lightning protection as well as resistance links on pipelines (static electricity protection) on GA ZAK S.A. installations and Air Products in Kędzierzyn-Koźle branch. 

Zakłady Chemiczne ZACHEM S.A. See more

Chemical plant in Bydgoszcz

2012   Instrumentation works commissioned by YOKOGAWA as part of the project entitled
           “Construction of the installation and implementation of innovative production technology 
           of Epichlorohydrin with glycerol. 

Anwil S.A. See more

Chemical plant in Włocławek

2010   Start-up works at the Terephthalic Acid and Paraxylene Installation. 

Grupa Azoty Puławy S.A. .See more

formerly Zakłady Azotowe Puławy S.A

2010   Modernization of the steam collector at the GA Puławy power and heating plant. 

Nitrogénművek Zrt. See more

Chemical plant in Pétfürdő (Hungary)

2007   Execution, delivery, assembly and start-up of measuring and regulating systems for a 
           Granulation Installation, Neutralizing Installation, Dolomite Milling Plant and Sulphuric Acid
           Storage in NZRt. Pétfürdő (commissioned by Prochem S.A.)