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1997 Formation of Automatyka company Zakład Pomiarów i Automatyki (Department of Measurement and Control) - organizational unit of Zakłady Azotowe in Tarnów – Mościce S.A. is converted to a company named "Automatyka".
1999 After merging of Zakład Automatyki (Department of Automation) and Zakład Elektryczny (Department of Electrical), separated from Zakłady Azotowe "Kędzierzyn" S.A., the company Aster ZAK is formed.
2011 Polskie Konsorcjum Chemiczne(Polish Chemical Consortium) formed three years earlier, fully takes over the management of the service companies in 2011 (contributing shares of Automatyka and Aster ZAK by Zakłady Azotowe in Tarnów to PKCh)
2012 Merging of companies: Automatyka based in Tarnów and Aster ZAK from Kędzierzyn - Koźle takes place. Scope of activities of the company now operating under a collective name Automatyka covers an area of industrial automation, control and measurement systems and electrical power engineering.
2012 All companies of Azoty Tarnów Capital Group - the biggest Polish chemical corporation - start cooperating under a new brand GRUPA AZOT.
2013 The name of the company was officially changed to Grupa Azoty AUTOMATYKA