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Our core line of business is designing, installing, commissioning and servicing of industrial measurement and control systems
Operation of the company is based on the work of almost 400 highly qualified staff members, operating in specialized, professional teams.  
Technical facilities, employed by the company, include state-of-the-art workshops for diagnostics, repairs and calibration of measuring instruments and elements of control systems as well as mechanical workshops. 
The company holds Quality Management System Certificate PN-EN ISO 9001:2009

What makes us different from our competitors? CORE COMPETENCIES, in other words the combination of knowledge, skills, experience and attitudes appropriate for a situation

Our project instantiations are characterized by professionalism comprised of strong personal skills, using of leading edge technologies and support of the best experts on the market.
We efficiently formulate new, dedicated solutions, and if necessary we merge them with systems, which functioned for our clients so far.