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Petroleum chemistry and mining
Petroleum chemistry and mining
Grupa LOTOS S.A. See more

Lotos Group

2013   Delivery and works connected with relocation of the APM9 and HPM11 signals to the 
           Experion 270CD_005 system. 
2010-2012   All year round maintenance contracts with all companies that are part of the
                    Lotos Group.
2011   Supply of cabinets for the DCS/ESD system at the CDU/VDU installation.
  • Repairs of wiring system of Trasar analysers on the installation 3000.
  • Installation of multipoint temperature measurement probes in the tanks and connection of the new Terminal Auto to the reservoir measurement system.  
  • Repair works connected with cable location and connection of high level warning devices in spherical tanks.

Pearl GTL See more

Ras Laffan (Qatar)

2012-2013   Works connected with the start-up of the control system of Shell GTL installation in
                    Ras Laffan Industrial City in Qatar.

BIOAGRA S.A. See more

Bioethanol Production Plant

2013   Electrical and instrumentation works connected with the investment named „Release of corn 
           oil from syrup”.
2012   Instrumentation works at the Ethanol production plant.
2011   DCS Delta V service at the Ethanol production plant.
2010   Execution of construction and assembly works for the biofuel installation in the city 
           of Goświnowice.

Nafta-Gaz-Serwis See more

2012   Application of the Siematic system for the projects „KGZ Szczepanów” and
          „ Gas Compressor Station Jeżowe”

Kopalnia Ropy i Gazu LMG See more

Oil and Gas Mine

2011   Design and prefabrication of SIS safety cabinets for the construction of the LMG mine. 

ORLEN Lietuva See more

Refinery in Mazeikiai (Lithuania)

2013   Renovation and modernization of dampers and valves (replacement and calibration 
           positioners, general repairs).
2012   DVC 2000 Emerson positioner location on control valves. 

Zakład Odmetanowania Kopalń „ZOK” See more

Mine demethanisation plant

2012   Supply and installation of a gas conditioning system for chromatographs NGC 8203 ABB 
           at mines "Krupiński", "Moszczenica", "Pniówek", "JasMos", "Zofiówka" and "Borynia".
2011   Preparation and assembly of the sampling system using methane analyser XSTREAM
           Emerson in order to measure the methane content in gases present in the mine in

PGNiG S.A. Podziemny Magazyn Gazu Bonikowo-Kościan See more

Underground gas storage

2011   Delivery of sample preparation boxes for YOKOGAWA GC 1000 Mark II chromatograph 
           and dewpoint of water and hydrocarbons meter in order to measure the composition of
           natural gas in underground storage of gas in the town of Bonikowo. 

PGNiG S.A. Podziemny Magazyn Gazu Wierzchowice See more

Underground gas storage

2010   Execution of installation and gas sampling and conditioning for YOKOGAWA chromatographs
           in order to measure gas quality in the Wierzchowice underground gas storage. 

PGNiG S.A. Kopalnia Gazu "Jodłówka" See more

Natural gas mine

2010 Adjustment of the gas units to the standards of Ex. 

PKN Orlen S.A. See more

Oil Company

2010   Extension of DCS and FSC control systems at the Fluid Catalytic Cracking II installation,
           in order to replace the 0881 furnace. 
2009   Prefabrication, delivery and assembly of the cabinet system for Paraxylene  Installation
           (commissioned by Emerson Process Management)

Rafineria Trzebinia S.A. See more


  • Yearly service of Explosive gas monitoring system.
  • Instrumentation works on the Paraffin Hydrotreating Installation.